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About True Partners Nonprofit Network

True Partners Nonprofit Network is a dynamic and diverse community of professionals who are passionate about and who administer quality support and services to the nonprofit community. Our members come from various backgrounds, industries, and experiences, and we are united by a shared commitment to fostering meaningful connections, knowledge sharing, and collaborative opportunities.​


Our mission is to provide access to top influential industry leaders, so that we can help build stronger and more rewarding relationships.

What We Do

We offer an inclusive platform to connect, acquire knowledge, exchange novel experiences, and progress within their careers. Our array of professional advancement initiatives are meticulously crafted to foster the growth of our members within their respective fields, enabling them to broaden their skill sets. Through continuous interaction and the cultivation of relationships, members collaboratively exchange their expertise and insights with one another.

Our organization is proud to be part of Long Island, and we share a responsibility to help stronger communities and a more equitable world.

We host networking events where we are proud to give back to the nonprofit community through charitable giving.

Community Involvement
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