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Champions of Long Island’s Special Needs Community

Andrew Cohen Principal, The Law Office of Andrew M. Cohen

Andrew provides comprehensive estate planning for his clients with an emphasis on assisting families who have a loved one with special needs. Andrew holds a Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn Law School and an LLM in taxation from the University of Miami, School of Law. Andrew has extensive experience in petitioning for guardianship so that family members are vested with the appropriate authority to ensure that their loved ones are protected.

What is one pivotal moment you have experienced while within the disabled community? My daughter is my inspiration for all that I do in the field of Special Needs Law. Watching her struggles and trying to ensure that she has every opportunity to thrive motivate me on a daily basis. I take that inspiration and use it to assist other families.

Do you have any advice for a parent whose child has been recently diagnosed with a disability? Knowledge is power. Learn all you can and surround yourself with support. Seek out experts in the various fields to advise you and assist you. Once you become informed and put a plan in place you can move on to the next challenge. My other piece of advice is to enjoy each part of the journey and remember to celebrate each step along the way!

What drives your passion for this community? My passion for this community originated with my daughter but it continues because of the strength and compassion that I get to see each day from families and their loved ones.

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